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abdomenabdomenarea of the body between thorax and pelvis
abdominal abdominalpertaining to the abdomen
abduct, abduction abductionmovement of a body part away from the midline of the body
abducted gaitmarche en abductionwalking with the legs spread away from the midline
abductorabducteurmuscle that moves a body part away from the midline of the body
ability to walkaptitude à la marchewalking, mobility, quality of life factor
ablatio mammae (mastectomy)mastectomiesurgical removal of breast
ablationablationsurgical removal
above elbow (AE) amputation amputation through the humerus between the shoulder joint and the elbow joint
above elbow (AE) prosthesisprothèse trans- huméraleprosthesis for a person with a trans-humeral amputation
above the knee (AK) amputation amputation through the femur (thigh bone) between the hip joint and the knee joint
above the knee (AK) prosthesisprothèse trans-fémoraleprosthesis for transfemoral amputation - (AK)
abrasionabrasionsuperficial rub or wearing off of the skin
abscessabcèslocalized collection of pus in a cavity formed by the disintegration oftissue
abutmentbutéein osseointegration: the coupling projecting through the skin between the implant (fixture) and the external appliance
accelerationaccélérationrate of change of velocity with respect to time
acceleration phase phase d'accélérationsub-phase in the swing phase of gait
ACE bandagebandage ACEstretchable, expandable bandage for joint support
acetabulumacétabulumconcave pelvic component of the hip joint receiving the femoral head
acetoneacétoneliquid solvent

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Authors Wieland Kaphingst (Dipl.-Ing., BMT, CPO)
René Baumgartner (MD, Prof. emeritus, Orthopaedic Surgeon)
Wilfred Raab (CPO)
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Fangwei Zeng
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