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ISPO Canada acknowledges The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre for hosting our web site and providing continuing support for ISPO activities. TRC logo
The War Amps are acknowledged for their long-term support of ISPO prosthetics educational activities.

Tools, services, and information

The Prosthetics and Orthotics Lexicon

This Lexicon/Dictionary is an on-line tool for looking up definitions for over 1,000 clinical, technical and biomechanical terms. This P&O Lexicon provides cross-indexing in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and Vietnamese. Therefore, this tool can also be used for translation. Thank you to The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre for continued support for this initiative, Fangwei Zeng for technical support, and the many volunteers who translated and helped to develop the database of terms and definitions.

ICRC Prosthetics and Orthotics Manufacturing Guidelines

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has made their polypropylene manufacturing guidelines available online. These Manufacturing Guidelines are designed to provide the information necessary for the production of high-quality assistive devices. The informative manuals are designed to promote and enhance standardization of ICRC polypropylene technology, to provide support for training in the use of this technology and to promote good practice in this field

Myoelectric Controls - Signal Processing Toolbox

Dr Adrian Chan, PhD (Carleton University, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering) has made his myoelectric controls software available for download. This resource is important for people developing new algorithms for myoelectric prostheses and engineers developing new systems. You can contact Dr. Chan at or at his web site.

Niagara Orthopaedics Worldwide (NOWW)

Niagara Orthopaedics Worldwide is Canadian registered charitable organization that developed the Niagara Foot and has the objective of providing improved prosthetic and orthotic technology for developing countries.


This presentation by Edward Lemaire from the ISPO Canada 2005 Symposium on elderly gait is available for download.


Information from the 2005 Symposium is available on the Symposium site. Since the ISPO Canada is hosting the World Congress in 2007, the next ISPO Canada Symposium will be in 2009.

On Stump Socket Lamination

This step-by-step manual was written by Wieland Kaphingst and Sepp Heim to document a method for prosthetic manufacture in developing countries. Thank you to the authors and GTZ for permitting web publication of this document. Peter McQuaig and The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre are also acknowledged for their work in converting this document to digital form.

Bicycle-Based Prosthetic Leg

This document by Vivian Cheng describes a novel approach for creating lower extremity prosthetic components from used bicycle parts. Vivian Chengs' design approach was created for the Canadian Appropriate Technologies in Mine Action Competition (

Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics

The complete text articles from the last decade of JPO.

Clinical Gait Analysis

A good site for information on the measurement and analysis of pathological gait.